Second CorroZoom Season 2 Webinar - Arjan Mol

19 Jan 2022 at 0800 US Eastern

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In-situ and nanoscopic corrosion studies using liquid-phase transmission electron microscopy (LP-TEM)


Arjan Mol

Delft University of Technology



Aluminium alloys may suffer from severe localized corrosion as a result of their relatively complex and heterogeneous microstructure. The corrosion initiation in these critical alloys is governed by dynamic processes that take place at the nanoscale. A thorough understanding of the sequential stages of corrosion initiation is of pivotal importance to develop efficient corrosion protection strategies and demands high-resolution techniques along with the ability of real-time recording of nanoscopic events. Recently, we have shown the dynamic evolution of site-specific local corrosion of aluminium alloys during early initiation stages at the nanoscale using dedicated in-situ liquid phase-transmission electron microscopy (LP-TEM). However, these studies are not straightforward and there are limitations and challenging experimental considerations for conducting reliable examinations. Herein, challenges as well as achievements in in-situ and nanoscopic corrosion studies using LP-TEM are presented and discussed.



Arjan Mol is professor Corrosion Technology and Electrochemistry and vice-chair of the Department of Materials Science and Engineering at Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands. The specific research focus areas of Arjan Mol are: (i) local electrochemical analysis of corrosion mechanisms, (ii) surface treatment and interfacial bonding of organic coatings on metal (oxide) surfaces and (iii) multifunctional and eco-friendly corrosion inhibitors and evaluation of active protective and self-healing coatings. As from 2017, he is editor-in-chief of Corrosion Science. Besides, in the period of 2014-2016 he was Chair of the Scientific and Technology Advisory Committee (STAC) of the European Corrosion Federation EFC. Hereafter he served EFC as Vice-President (2017-2018) and President (2019-2020) and now is amidst his term of Past President (2021-2022) of EFC.




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